Type 1: The Perfectionist

If you’re a One just getting started on the transformational journey, I have a few tips for you: First, when your inner critic activates, smile and tell it you hear it and appreciate how it’s trying to help you improve or avoid making mistakes, but you’re taking a new path to self-acceptance in life.

Second, when you are ready to dive in to correct an injustice or right a wrong, first ask yourself whether the passion you feel for that issue is really misplaced anger about something else.

Next, find your 7 and 9 friends and let them help you learn how to relax and have fun. The work will still be there tomorrow.

The next tip is to see whether you can catch yourself measuring yourself against others to see who does a better job, works harder or meets your definition of success.

And last, be aware of how you receive criticism from others and try to accept it without being defensive.