Leveraging Differences to Motivate Your Team with the Enneagram, feat. Boosterthon's Chris Carneal and Stan Holcombe (Enneagram 7 and 6) [S02-047]



Chris Carneal, founder and CEO of Boosterthon (Enneagram 7) plans for adventure while his CFO, Stan Holcombe (Enneagram 6) plans for dis-adventure.  So how have these two leveraged their differences to balance each other and grow their company 800% over the past eight years? 

They invest in the culture of their company.

Today, Chris and Stan join Ian to talk about how helping their team understand each other and creating a culture where self-awareness and self-knowledge are held up as values allow them to appreciate and bring out all the positive attributes of each individual while exponentially growing their business.


Chris Carneal is the founder and CEP of Booster Enterprises and its flagship school-funding program, the Boosterthon Fun Run.

Chris was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He later attended Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, where he played baseball. During college he started his first company, All Sports Tutoring, a company directed toward teaching students valuable character and leadership lessons.

In 2002, Chris sold All Sports Tutoring and launched his newest endeavor, an innovative fitness fundraiser for schools called the Boosterthon Fun Run. He designed it as an alternative to the product sales that most elementary schools use to meet budget shortfalls. After several years of success, Chris decided to relocate Boosterthon’s home office to Atlanta, Georgia.

Today, Booster employs more than 300 team members in 25 markets around the country and more than 1,200 schools partner with the Boosterthon team to meet their funding goals. The Boosterthon also boasts one of the most innovative character education programs in the nation with more than 800,000 students participating. To date, Booster has raised schools more than $100 million to improve education.

Chris and his wife, Lyndie, live in Johns Creek, Georgia, with their four children.


Stan Holcombe has twenty plus years of experience in the Financial Industry and over fifteen years of CFO experience. He has a demonstrated track record of exemplary financial and accounting analysis resulting in improved financial results, increased efficiency and higher productivity of companies served during that time period.

As the Chief Financial Officer of Booster, Stan leads the Financial Team as well as the Logistics Team. From the Financial perspective, he oversees the accounting operations of Booster as well as the financial strategic plan. This includes comprehensive strategic financial forecasting, the production of periodic financial reports, maintenance of an adequate system of accounting records, and a comprehensive set of controls and budgets designed to ensure financial accuracy with all our client schools. From the Logistics perspective, he oversees Booster's warehouse and distribution operations to ensure that all the prizes, t-shirts and printed products reach our client schools accurately and in a timely manner.      





If you have the best culture, you will attract the best talent, and this is what I think about more than anything else: How can we have America’s best organizational culture? You can’t have a great work culture or a healthy culture if you don’t have healthy people.
— Chris Carneal, founder and CEP of Booster Enterprises