010: So Six-y it Hurts (A Panel of Enneagram Sixes)



The more I know about life and people, the more I love Enneagram Sixes. Called Loyalists, Sixes are the most faithful and dependable people on the Enneagram. They keep a watchful eye over us. They safeguard our values. In my opinion, they're the glue that holds our world together. And, by the time this episode is over, you’re going to understand why Enneagram Sixes have a reputation for being some of the funniest people on the planet.

But wait! There’s another reason why you need to listen to this show! A few weeks ago, I hosted a panel of four Enneagram Nines, all of whom happened to be guys. At the end of that episode, I promised I would soon host a show with four women. 

Well, today’s the day!

For this week's Typology, I brought together Jill Phillips, Leslie Jordan, Francie Likis, and Katie Williams to describe what it’s like to be Enneagram Sixes.  You're going to love and admire this remarkable group of women. 

So sit back, hit play, and listen to this wonderful group of women talk about how they see and experience the world. You’ll enjoy every minute of it.

It’s important for the Six to ask themselves, ‘Who is the true authority in my life?’
— Jill Phillips, singer-songwriter



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